Last week while reading the interview with Guido Heffels, Creative Director at Heimat, I was excited about his response to what the future of advertising might be. Heffels said, “the question of the future of advertising will at the same time always be a question about the future of the media. The medium is and will be the message.”

His words echo the underlying principle of one of my favorite brands, OBEY: “The Medium Is The Message.” The OBEY campaign by Shepard Fairey can be explained as an experiment in phenomenology, which refers to the process of letting things manifest themselves. In short, it’s something to help others see what is right before their eyes.

In retrospect, this reminds me of what Prof. Anderson said in our Brand Management class a few weeks ago about needs: “Needs can’t be created, but they can be awakened.” Perhaps the future of advertising lies not necessarily in a particular medium, but in the hands of campaigns that are able to awaken the needs of consumers.


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