So far, from our various readings, we’ve learnt that many individuals attribute their creativity simply to living life. In his “Landa” interview Guido Heffels, Creative Director at Heimat said “Inspiration happens when you live,” and I just experienced this firsthand.

I took the picture above about 3 weeks ago and seemed quite satisfied with it. A few hours after taking the picture I decided to add a purple tint to it after listening to a song which had the lyrics, “everything is purple”.

The image above was the result and I was even more satisfied with it than the original picture I took. However, later that same day I decided to erase everything in the picture but myself with the hopes of adding my own designs to it.

After a few hours I ended up with the image above, but at that point my creative juices were no longer flowing so I left it alone. I decided I would eventually come back to the image when I had a good idea to move forward with.

Fast forward to today (3 weeks later). In our Brand Management class we discussed Missoni’s recent partnership with Target, which resulted in the Missoni at Target line. We looked at some of the products from the line and for some reason their patterns really stuck out to me.

When I got home – with the Missoni patterns finally out of my head – I decided to watch the video for Rob Roy’s new song Little Egypt Wavy.

Intrigued by the video, I kept watching it over and over again. After watching the video for the umpteenth time, I just felt drawn back to complete that image I never finished designing three weeks ago.

Inspired by the Little Egypt Wavy video and the Missoni patterns from earlier in the day, the image above was the end result. Although I definitely don’t think it’s a masterpiece, I’m really happy with the outcome.

I would probably have never designed the image if all the moments I described above had not happened and I think it truly goes to show that inspiration happens when you live.

Click here to see the full-size version of the final image.


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