Lately we’ve been discussing the various elements of successful advertising and the following have come up several times: emotionally appealing, funny, informative, inspiring, memorable, and a host of other elements . We’ve also mentioned the importance of balancing these elements to create a truly great ad.

The ad below for Thai Life Insurance relies heavily on emotional appeal to convey to the message of caring for loved ones by having life insurance.

In order to better understand the cultural context of this ad, let’s take a look at an AARP commercial for life insurance in the US.

While the AARP commercial is also telling the stories of various people, the focus here is more on the features and benefits of their particular insurance policy/plan. These features and benefits are woven into the stories being told by the ad’s main characters. In addition, the AARP and New York Life logos are featured prominently throughout the ad, as opposed to the Thai Life Insurance ad which doesn’t indicate the company or service being offered until the very end of the ad.

These ads show two different approaches to promoting the same offering in different cultures and societies.


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