The media landscape has evolved tremendously in the past decade, with social media and digital technologies playing an ever increasing role in how brands communicate with their consumers. This evolution has raised the question of what role the television platform will play as we move through the digital era.

In an attempt to answer this question, ThinkTV has developed a brand new series which explores the new TV landscape and the opportunities it presents for advertisers. Through a series of in-depth interviews, five leading industry visionaries will give their insight and vision on the future of TV. In this episode, Dan Wieden, Co-Founder and CEO of Wieden+Kennedy, shares his perspective on the subject.

Wieden speaks briefly about the evolution of TV from a monologue platform to one that creates dialogue, citing brands like Nike, Levi’s and Chrysler. He also shares some insight into how Old Spice uses a combination of TV and online advertising to reinforce its messaging. Finally, rather than attempt to predict the future of TV, he speaks candidly about what kind of communication will prevail as the media landscape continues to evolve. (Hint – It’s the oldest form of communication).

Watch the video above and feel free to share your thoughts and comments.


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